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Getting Cameras Up in Vic-Snap

We offer many different cameras, but in general theses are some things to check if your cameras aren't coming up:

1. Did anything change since they were last working (software settings, upgrading, etc.).  If not, it is a hardware issue.

2. Check each camera individually, one at a time.  If you've determined that one of the cameras are faulty, contact

3. Check each port individually, one at a time.  If you've determined the ports on the cameras are faulty, contact  If you've determined that one of the ports in the PC is faulty, contact  Note that most firewire cameras you can daisy chain, so you can avoid the faulty port.  This might reduce frame rate, but is an acceptable way to run the cameras.

4. Check each cable individually, one at a time.  If you've determined that one of the cables are faulty, either replace it or contact for replacement.

5. Are the cameras coming up in the camera software?  If they are Point Grey cameras, that would be Fly Capture.  If they are Photron, that would be PFV.  If they are AVT Firewire cameras, that would be AVT FirePackage.  Note that Vic-Snap and the camera software can not run the cameras at the same time, so exit out of Vic-Snap before checking the camera software.

6. If they are Firewire or USB3.0, you should see them in your device manager.  If you don't see them in your device manager, you'll likely need to reinstall the drivers.

7. If you are using USB3.0, are you using a USB3.0 connection (the port on the PC should be blue, otherwise it's USB2.0)?


If you still have not gotten the cameras up and you have checked the items above, email To expedite the process, please respond to all of the items above.  Additionally, here are a few more pieces of information we'll need:

8. What version and build of Vic-Snap are you using (go to Help>About)? 

9. What version of the camera drivers (FlyCapture/PFV/AVT/etc.) are you using?

10. What cameras are you using (and how many)?

11. What organization are you with?  Some systems might have a unique setup, that we can look up, if we know what system you're using.  If you know something is unique in your setup, please let us know.

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