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Technical Support and Upgrades Contract

What Your System Includes:

Turn-key DIC systems include a minimum of a year of support and upgrades (some systems include longer service contracts).  This contract can be extended at anytime.  Check with us, or check your purchase order to see when your upgrade period ends and if there are upgrades available.


What the Support/Upgrades Package Includes:

 Technical Support

After your contract period expires, we encourage you to keep your maintenance plan current with us to receive the most up-to-date software versions along with the most effective technical support.  As a Correlated Solutions customer, you may request occasional and limited support via email or our online support system, but by extending your support contract we will prioritize your needs and provide unlimited support, making every effort to answer your questions in a timely manner.  Please contact for our most up-to-date prices on our support upgrade packages available.  We offer discounted rates for multiple years and/or systems.

During the contract period, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We can help with:

  • Problems with the software
  • Problems with the hardware
  • Establishing the feasibility of a test
  • Assisting you with designing a proper test setup
  • Processing and analyzing your results
  • Interpreting results and their physical meaning

All of our support personnel are engineers and we can help with any aspect of your testing. We are invested in helping you get detailed, accurate results that contribute to your research efforts in a meaningful way.  We offer the following methods for contacting us with your support inquiries:


Typically the most effective way to contact us with your support inquiry is to visit our intuitive online support website at  Here you will be able to submit a ticket, read answers to FAQ in our DIC knowledgebase, or download software updates, drivers, etc.


If you prefer email, please email with your support inquiry.


Routine web and email inquiries will be responded to within a few hours, but for more urgent issues, please call us at +1 (803) 926 - 7272 Ext 2 for Technical support.  If there is no answer, you may always contact our office manager at extension 10 for immediate assistance. 

Hardware Warranty

 If any of your equipment should fail, please contact us immediately.  We will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem first, then make arrangements for repair or replacement, if needed.

  • If the failure occurs during the continuous contract period, we will handle the repair or replacement at no additional cost, and we work to provide you with loaner equipment so there is no interruption or testing. The only exception to this is high speed cameras.  If you purchased high speed cameras, they are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, which is typically one year. Shipping to and from our facility will be covered under warranty.
  • If the failure occurs after the contract period, we will work with you to ship the equipment either through us or directly to the manufacturer. We will also provide estimates, and contact you for authorization before incurring any charges.
  • Please contact us for a detailed statement of our warranty.

Software Upgrades & Licensing

  • Our acquisition and analysis software occasionally undergoes minor revisions to improve speed, accuracy, and robustness. This revisions are available at any time from our downloads page on our website.
  • As major versions are released, you will be required to contact us for an updated license key to activate the new version.
  • You are entitled to major and minor upgrades for the length of your contract.
  • Once the contract is expired, you will be entitled to minor upgrades of your current software version.
  • If we make a bug fix to your version, you will be entitled to the update regardless of your contract status. The stability of your system and the accuracy of your data is our first priority.
  • Purchased license modules require a new license key.
  • Purchasing additional post-processing dongles require a current service contract. There is a limit of 3 total post-processing dongles per system.
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